Regulatory Due Diligence

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Regulatory Due Diligence

Why is Pharmaceutical Due Diligence Important?

Like buying a new car, when you are considering the acquisition of a new product or company, you must be certain that all parts work and that there are no hidden issues that might pop up after purchase. The best way to do this is to conduct a regulatory due diligence review.

In most cases, you need this work done quickly and efficiently by an independent party who will make sure that no important issues are overlooked. Whether you are considering a major corporate pharmaceutical acquisition, or the acquisition of an asset such as a product, corporate division, or an entire company, The Weinberg Group’s regulatory due diligence review process will arm you with the appropriate information to make a decision.

Regulatory Due Diligence Consulting Services

After we meet with you to learn everything you know about the acquisition, we will use an online data room to access and review all product and company information. If necessary, we will make site visits to manufacturing plants, R&D facilities, or to the company’s corporate headquarters. Once our team of experts has analyzed all available information and performed a rigorous pharmaceutical due diligence review, we will report our findings and recommendations to you. This may include general recommendations, go/no-go advice, regulatory hurdles, suggested next steps, etc.

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