Pre-NDA Meeting Guidance

You and your firm have spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars assuring your product is safe and effective.  Now, you need to make sure it will receive FDA approval.  The key to achieving this is a perfectly executed Pre-NDA Meeting.

A Pre-NDA Meeting enables sponsors and the FDA to ensure your NDA submission is well-organized and set up for success. This meeting should generally occur no less than 60 days prior to the submission date. Prior to the meeting, sponsors should prepare for typical Pre-NDA Meeting questions over areas such as the formatting of the submission and inquiries regarding the evidence of effectiveness.
During the Pre-NDA Meeting, you must make the most of the opportunity to solicit comments and clarification from the FDA on the acceptability of:

  • Pivotal clinical data, including late-breaking data that might become available for submission during the FDA’s review of the NDA
  • CMC information and, in particular, the extent of stability data
  • Content of the ISE and ISS sections

When you leave your Pre-NDA Meeting you should have an understanding of the FDA’s expectation for content and formatting of the NDA submission, and a firm estimation of your product application’s readiness for filing and likelihood of approval.

When is a Pre-NDA Meeting needed?

Developing and submitting an NDA requires significant investments of both time and money.  As such, when preparing to submit an NDA it is in your best interest to assure that your application does not land cold at FDA.  At the same time, it is in the FDA’s best interest to be aware of upcoming work so it can be prepared with the required resources.  The Pre-NDA Meeting allows each party to accomplish its objective.

Although a Pre-NDA Meeting is not a requirement, we would not recommend submitting an NDA without first meeting with the Agency.  Drug development rarely goes exactly as planned, and keeping communication open with the Agency increases your chances of achieving success the first time around. A Pre-NDA Meeting also provides sponsors with an opportunity to ask questions regarding any problems that are surfaced during the meeting, with plenty of time to address issues before the NDA submission. Accordingly, we advise anyone that is preparing to submit an NDA to schedule and attend a Pre-NDA Meeting.

Benefits of Having a Pre-NDA Meeting Consultant

Partnering with an FDA consulting firm when preparing for and conducting a Pre-NDA Meeting with the FDA offers a number of benefits.  We have the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure that your Pre-NDA Meeting goes as smoothly as possible, leaving you in a position to succeed.  By partnering with The Weinberg Group for Pre-NDA Meeting guidance, some of the benefits you will receive include:

  • We have been working with the FDA for more than 35 years and have prepared for and attended countless meetings with the FDA. As such, we know what is needed to achieve a successful interaction with the Agency, and are uniquely qualified to help you achieve this.
  • Diversity of knowledge. The Weinberg Group’s scientific and regulatory experts specialize in a variety of disciplines and stay abreast of changing trends and current events.  In short, we bring a unique and extensive range of knowledge and skills to the table, which is what you need to achieve a successful Pre-NDA Meeting with FDA.
  • The key to completing your Pre-NDA Meeting successfully is adequate preparation.  However, this can be tricky if you are unsure of what is needed.  That is why The Weinberg Group is here to help.  Due to the abundance of meetings that we have attended with the FDA, we know what is required and can help ensure that you are as prepared as possible for anything the Agency may throw your way.

The Weinberg Group: NDA Regulatory Experts

The Weinberg Group will guide you through the Pre-NDA process by working with you to develop a clear, concise strategy, deliver complex information, and carefully execute all responses to the FDA.  Our goal is to make your product submission successful. In addition, we will attend the Pre-NDA Meeting with you and hold a post-meeting debriefing session to discuss meeting takeaways, lessons learned, and next steps.

Contact us today to learn more about how The Weinberg Group can help you prepare for and conduct a successful Pre-NDA Meeting with the FDA.