End of Phase 2 Meeting

What is the Purpose of the End of Phase 2 Meeting with the FDA

Following your Phase 2 Clinical Trials, you will need to review and obtain agreement from the FDA on your study designs for Phase 3. This is the purpose of the End of Phase 2 Meeting (EOP2) with the FDA, in which you’ll need to effectively present your Phase 3 and submission strategy and ensure that you are aligned with the FDA prior to the start of Phase 3.

During this meeting, the FDA will determine whether it’s safe to proceed to Phase 3, they’ll evaluate your Phase 3 plans and protocols along with your existing studies to assess effectiveness, and they’ll note if any additional information is necessary to support the marketing application. The End of Phase 2 Meeting is a critical milestone in your development program, so it’s important to prepare in order to make sure you leave with plenty of helpful feedback.

Who is Eligible for an End of Phase 2 Meeting?

The EOP2 meeting with the FDA is typically for IND’s which involve new molecular entities or major new uses of marketed drugs. However, a Sponsor of any IND may request an EOP2 meeting with the FDA in preparation for Phase 3.

When Should the End of Phase 2 Meeting occur?

As the name implies, the EOP2 meeting should occur at the end of Phase 2 Clinical Trials. Furthermore, the meeting should occur before serious resource commitments are made towards Phase 3. However, the EOP2 meeting should not delay the transition from Phase 2 to Phase 3 which is why planning and preparation are critical.

Preparation for End of Phase 2 Meeting

To move you to the next clinical trial phase, The Weinberg Group will diligently work with you to prepare for the End of Phase 2 meeting. With your input, we will:

  • Develop the End of Phase 2 briefing package to be sent to FDA in advance of the meeting
  • Request the End of Phase 2 meeting
  • Determine meeting objectives and agenda, and script the participants
  • Conduct a meeting rehearsal at our headquarters in Washington, DC
  • Attend the meeting with you, and summarize results in formal notes
  • Conduct a debriefing session to discuss accomplishment of meeting objectives and finalize meeting minutes to be sent to the FDA

The Weinberg Group: Regulatory Consulting Experts

The Weinberg Group has over 37 years of experience working with the FDA to achieve successful interactions for Sponsors. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure your End of Phase 2 meeting with the FDA delivers the feedback necessary so you may continue with your Phase 3 clinical trials.

To learn more about how The Weinberg Group can help you prepare for and execute a successful End of Phase 2 meeting with the FDA, contact us today.