FDA Biosimilar User Fee Rates: Fiscal Year 2019

On Tuesday, July 31st, FDA released a notice with updated biosimilar user fee rates for fiscal year 2019. The base revenue for FY 2019 is $40,214,000, not adjusted for inflation or operating reserves.

FDA has decided that the FY 2019 biosimilar application fee will be $1,746,745, which is the same as 2018.  Application fees are expected to account for 40% of the total target revenue for FY 2019.

The 2019 biosimilar program fee will also remain the same as the FY 2018 fee ($304,162), and will account for approximately 18% of the total target revenue.

Finally, the remainder 42% of revenue will come from BPD fees, which are set at $185,409, which is 18% less than last year.

Fee Category FY 2019 Fee Rates FY 2018 Fee Rates
Initial BPD $185,409 $227,213
Annual BPD $185,409 $227,213
Reactivation $370,818 $454,426
Applications Requiring Clinical Data $1,746,745 $1,746,745
Applications Not Requiring Clinical Data $873,373 $873,373
Program $304,162 $304,162


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