Our Mission and Values

The Weinberg Group aims to provide clients with unparalleled scientific knowledge in the areas of FDA regulatory affairs, global regulatory affairs, and FDA compliance, in order to help you achieve your business objectives. Our strong corporate values and principles have guided our consultants and clients towards achieving the highest levels of success.

Through our work, we embody the following values to provide you with the best results:

Each of our regulatory consultants has a passion for their work and is devoted to helping you achieve positive results. To ensure success, The Weinberg Group assigns your project a dedicated project manager who is committed to achieving specific client objectives, efficiently and effectively.

We believe excellence begins with the quality of our staff. The Weinberg Group’s FDA consultants and regulatory affairs experts are highly skilled and many have over 25 years of experience in biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical consulting.

The Weinberg Group always conducts business with integrity and honesty. In all of our dealings with clients and regulatory agencies, our pharmaceutical consultants uphold the highest standard of business ethics to ensure fairness and professionalism.

Solving complex problems and determining the most effective path to accomplish business objectives is the core of what we do. The Weinberg Group has a proven track record of providing unique and innovative regulatory consulting and advisory services.

Our project managers take full responsibility for project milestones and are dedicated to your success. As a privately held company, The Weinberg Group is a fully independent business that is able to focus solely on your unique goals.

The Weinberg Group recruits and retains the best FDA consultants and regulatory affairs experts in the industry. The vast majority of our consultants hold advanced educational degrees and have held executive positions at pharmaceutical companies or with the FDA. In addition to our in-house consulting staff, we draw upon a large network of vetted independent pharmaceutical consultants, enabling us to engage the right talent for complex regulatory issues.

The mantra of The Weinberg Group is “careful thought before action.” Our regulatory consultants are encouraged to carefully consider business objectives and weigh each option thoroughly and deliberately before presenting solutions.

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